Articles by Dr. Arnold

Articles by Dr. Arnold

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Articles by Dr. Fred Arnold


The following is a comparative ultrasound evaluation involving a 67 year of lady who received prolotherapy treatments over a course of 5 months to both of her shoulders. Prior to injections, both shoulders demonstrated osteoarthritic changes and an arthroscopic surgical procedure had been performed on the right shoulder.

The first ultrasound evaluation was performed 04/25/2011 and the follow-up ultrasound performed 02/09/2012. Specific injections were made to both shoulders using the standard prolotherapy solution of 1% lidocaine (an anesthestic) and 50% dextrose (a sugar solution). A small amount of B12 was added to promote regeneration and sodium morrhuate to stimulate regeneration and new tissue formation. The patient reported a 70 improvement in her pain involving her shoulders with improvement in range of motion. The patient continued to lead an active lifestyle, exercising and swimming throughout her treatment


  • Prolotherapy involving dextrose injections is a safe and effective method for treating chronic shoulder pain and osteoarthritis.
  • This comparative study supports the scientific evidence that prolotherapy injections produce regenerated tissue that improves joint stability and function; thereby, reducing pain and inflammation of the affected joint.
  • Prolotherapy injections should be considered for treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and joints for patients prior to long term narcotic therapy or surgical intervention.
  • Prolotherapy injections can provide benefit to post surgical patients.