Pain Rehabilitation

Pain Rehabilitation

Small RhombusWe offer many different techniques in addition to prolotherapy in order to help you become pain free.

Pain Rehabilitation Techniques

Although Dr. Fred Arnold specializes in prolotherapy, he offers different pain rehabilitation techniques:

Neural therapy
Neural therapy is an injection therapy that focuses on the relief of chronic pain and long-term illness. These symptoms can be stopped by injecting local anesthetics into scars, acupuncture points, and points along peripheral nerves. Neural therapy is commonly used in Europe, particularly Germany, to treat a variety of health and painful conditions. Dr. Arnold has specialized training in Neural Therapy with Dr. Thomas Rau of Switzerland, Dr. Detrich Klinghart, and Dr. Jeff Harris. Read more...

Prolotherapy is an injection procedure that strengthens tendons and ligaments that have been weakened by trauma or arthritis. A standard prolotherapy solution combines a numbing agent (procaine) with an inflammatory agent such as 50% dextrose that strengthens the torn or injured soft tissue and reducing the pain. Read more...

Trigger Point Injections
Trigger point injections (TPI’s) are used to treat painful areas of muscle that can trap or irritate surrounding nerves and cause referred pain. TPI is used to alleviate myofascial pain syndrome (chronic pain involving tissue that surrounds muscle.

The tender trigger points are identified by palpation for injection of a pain relieving mixture. Normally, a mixture of an anesthetic such as procaine, homeopathic remedies and specific vitamins are administrated directly beneath the skin with a very small and thin needle, every similar to an acupuncture needle.

The beneficial effects can usually be seen almost immediately with relaxation of tender and tight muscles and reduced pain with movement.

Trigger point injections can be used in conjunction prolotherapy, prolozone, and platelet rich plasma (PRP).

Learn more a out Trigger Point Injections by clicking on the following:

Dependent upon the severity of the pain and the patient’s desire for prescription medications, pain medications are considered for short term relief while corrective pain treatments are utilized. Pain patches may also be used from a compounded pharmacy. It is not the intention of Dr. Fred Arnold to provide long term pain medication.

A variety of nutritional supplements are available to help the body heal itself and alleviate pain, including intravenous (IV) therapies.

Dr. Fred Arnold provides a more holistic approach than the traditional syndrome-oriented or modality-oriented pain clinics. Dr. Arnold understands that pain is a very subjective experience and pain treatment must be customized to each patients individual pain condition.. Although the cause may not always be apparent, the pain is very real. Therefore, each patient receives an individualized treatment plan that has three phases:

  1. A through history and examination to evaluate the nature and cause of the patients pain pattern
  2. Application of the most appropriate treatment method(s). One or more treatment methods may be utilized.
  3. Restoration of function

Previous records and diagnostic imaging is welcome and will be used to selective the best treatment method.