PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy

Small RhombusPRP therapy is a revolutionary new treatment that relieves pain by promoting long lasting healing of musculoskeletal conditions.

PRP Studies

Acta Ortop Mex. 2012 May-Jun;26(3):170-3.

[Comparative study on animal model of acute Achilles tendon rupture with surgical treatment using platelet-rich plasma].

[Article in Spanish]
Hernández-Martínez JC, Vásquez CR, Ceja CB, Fuentes CC, Sesma JF, Benítez AG.
Hospital General "Eduardo Vázquez Navarro" SSA Puebla, México.
To compare the functional and histologicalal course of two animal model groups with acute Achilles tendon tears using platelet rich plasma.
An open clinical trial was conducted with dogs donated by the animal facility of the Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP, for its acronym in Spanish). Dogs were divided into 2 groups: a control group and a problem group. Intentional surgical Achilles tendon tear was performed to them. The Krackow technique was used to repair the tendon and the control group received platelet rich plasma (PRP) as a clot; the other group did not receive PRP. The dogs were seen at 4 weeks to check functionality using the Farell and Schwarz scale to assess the degree of limping. They were sacrificed at week 5; the tendons were removed and sent to the histopathology lab.
Functionality results according to the Farell and Schwarz scale showed grades I and II in the problem group, and grades IV and V in the control group. Histologically, the problem group showed moderate vascular proliferation and abundant fibroblastic proliferation. The control group had mild to moderate vascular proliferation and moderate fibroblastic proliferation.
PRP improves tendon healing and this has repercussions on functional recovery.
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