Articles by Dr. Arnold

Articles by Dr. Arnold

Small RhombusHealth articles by Dr. Fred Arnold focus on prolotherapy, pain rehabilitation and natural healing.

Articles by Dr. Fred Arnold

Dr. Fred Arnold


Dr. Fred Arnold had the honor of being personally trained in Prolotherapy by Dr. Kent Pomeroy, MD for 2 ½ years before his passing in 2012. Dr. Pomeroy asked Dr. Arnold to join his practice where Dr. Arnold spent many hundreds of hours being mentored and following Dr. Pomeroy as he treated patients. Dr. Pomeroy was one of the few recognized Prolotherapy specialist in the world. He helped form the American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine and taught thousands of doctors at seminars from around the world. Many doctors were trained in Prolotherapy at the Phoenix office location by both Dr. Pomeroy and Dr. Arnold. Dr. Pomeroy was introduced to Prolotherapy by Gustav Hemwell, M.D., who is considered the grandfather of Prolotherapy.

Dr. Fred Arnold continues to practice Prolotherapy as he was taught by Dr. Pomeroy. He also regularly attends post graduate education courses in Prolotherapy and regenerative medicine methods such as platlet rich plasma (PRP) and stems cells to stay on the “cutting edge” of pain rehabilitation medicine.